General Secretary and sports directors meeting 2019

The General Secretaries and Sport Directors of the NSF nations met and had their annual workmeeting 30th January 2019 in Sweden.  It was a one day meeting at Arlanda Airport, Stockholm.  The picture is from the meeting 2017.

Those who attended were:
Emil Örn Harðarson - Iceland
Pille Tali - Estonia
Ulrika Sandmark - Sweden
Mikael Jansson - Sweden
Andreas Jonerholm - Sweden
Beda Leirvaag - Norway
Bjørn Soleng - Norway
Lars Green Bach - Denmark
Thomas Stub - Denmark
Pia Holmen - Denmark
Djóni Dalsgarð - Faroe Islands
Sanna Airaksinen - Finland
Ippe Natunen - Finland

Upcoming meetings

Estonia, 30 January, Tallinn